Monday, 6 January 2014

Monday Motivation | Quote Of The Day

Taken from Pinterest

Hands up if you're guilty of over-thinking? I know I am, especially at night.

However, this year I have taken it upon myself to just stop thinking about things as much as I should. Looking back I have noticed there was no need for me to over-think things. About 90% of the stuff I was over-thinking never happened anyway! Even in the little time I have tried to stop doing this I feel much better. Before it felt like a negative weight looming over me filling my head with unnecessary things. 

Over-thinking can cause damage to so many things such as friendships and relationships and can often convince us something is happening or they are doing things behind your back when they're not. Our mind is a sponge and absorbs almost everything it encounters be it something that happened today or something you remember from years ago. 

Taking charge of what goes into your head is the first step, however that isn't a cue for ignorance. What I mean is positive thoughts, stories, memories, pictures etc. Try and change the over-thinking to optimism. 


  1. This is so true! Have you ever read the power of now?



    1. Hi Kelly,

      No I haven't. Do you recommend it?


  2. This is exactly how I'm planning to spend my 2014! We all over think! It's not fun one bit!
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