Thursday, 9 January 2014

Max Factor - Glossfinity Nail Polish | Review

Max Factor Glossfinity - Candy Rose (50)

For those of you who checked out my first ever haul, I bought the Max Factor Glossfinity nail polish. This was £5.99, however drug stores such as Superdrug have these on the 3 for 2 offer.

This product claims to keep your nails looking glossy for up to 7 days and is currently available in 26 shades.

I've had this nail polish on now for 7 days and I can safely say there is still some 'gloss' there. Usually with normal nail polishes the shininess tends to fade. I can tell that over the week the gloss has diminished (around day 4-5) but it is still looking glossy compared to other nail polishes I have used.
Also i've noticed they are less chipped than normal! (I don't know if that's to do with the nail polish itself or because i've been less 'hands-on' this week...). I applied two coats of this nail polish (without any top coat) and I barely have any chips! So I am quite impressed with that. I'm sure the nails would be close to perfection if I applied a top coat. I will be sure to try it out! Out of habit I always apply two coats of nail polish, however it is quite pigmented so I think one coat would even be enough.

Altogether I would probably definitely recommend this product. It gives you a high quality finish for a fraction of the price you'd pay at a salon. 

Have you tried out the Glossfinity range by Max Factor?


  1. Must try these.

  2. I kind of disagree with this post! I wore this last week and they chipped pretty much instantly and I wasn't doing any hands on stuff at all!
    I will however be giving them a second chance!
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  3. Ow I love the color and it looks really glossy!
    Nice blog dear, followed you :)
    -xo, Milene from

  4. What a stunning color! It's perfect for the upcoming spring season. Ooh, I've actually never tried Max Factor polishes before... not sure if they are available in the States?

    But, the gloss though! *_* And the fact that it barely has any chips w/o a top coat? I totally need to give this a try! I absolutely HATE it when I run out of a top coat and am forced to paint my nails. OPI/Essie always chips on me within the next day!

    Thanks for the awesome review! :-) You've got such a lovely blog Katie! I'm your newest follower. Would you like to follow each other? Hoping we can stay in touch!


  5. Nice nail colour! Cool blog! Will be visiting from now on!

    xx Cissy

  6. Great review doll, this sounds perfect as I hate it when nail varnish chips. I can't get over how glossy this is! Think this may have to be something to add to my shopping list :)x

    The Belle Narrative

  7. Love that color!

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