Sunday, 29 December 2013

50 Random Facts | About Me

I've seen a lot of these posts with people being tagged to do them, but because i'm new to the blogging scene I thought i'd do one anyway without being tagged so my new followers can get to know me a little better! So here it is.... 50 random facts about me! 

1. I am an Aquarius (born in February)

2. I don't have a middle name

3. I'm short sighted, so have to wear contacts/glasses all the time

4. I studied Crime & Investigation at University

5. I have an African Grey Parrot called Jack

6. I play the flute, guitar and piano. I kinda suck at piano now though

7. My favourite band are Steel Panther

8. I want a long-haired miniature Dachshund, Pomeranian or German Spitz when I move out

9. When I go to Nandos I order a lemon and herb chicken burger with cheese, hallomi side with chips and peri peri - always

10. My best friend is Slovakian

11. I'm right handed

12. I'd choose McDonalds over KFC any day

13. Miss Selfridge is one of my favourite high street stores

14. I was a lifeguard at a camp in New York in summer 2013

15. It took me two tries to pass my driving test, but only one for my theory - hurrah

16. I wish i'd taken Paleontology at University. I am a massive dinosaur nerd

17. When I was younger I had the nickname 'moose'

18. I love Johnny Depp

19. I'm not a lover of alcohol

20. I don't smoke

21. If I have a Domino's pizza, i'll be disappointed if it isn't stuffed crust

22. I hate needles, injections and anything to do with veins

23. I love strawberry and banana smoothies

24. I love film orchestral soundtrack music - John Williams for example

25. My shoe size is a UK6

26. I love books and take great care with them. Most books I read will still look brand new after i've finished them!

27. My surname is always pronounced wrong

28. I love a good English breakfast - minus the black pudding!

29. I can whistle through my teeth

30. I don't like coffee based foods

31. A poem I wrote when I was in high school has been printed in an anthology book called Away With Words

32. I sleep better in the day than at night

33. I barely watch TV

34. I want to visit the Maldives

35. I've been on stage on multiple occasions with my favourite band (see no. 7)

36. I prefer smaller, intimate gigs/concerts rather than full stadium/arenas

37. I'm not a fan of swimming in the sea unless it's clear!

38. I want to go shark cage diving - but i'm scared!

39. I don't like olives

40. My favourite ice-cream flavor is rum and raisin

41. When I was in nursery they used to make us put on shows and I hated every second of it! So I used to scowl the whole way through a show and avoid eye contact with my parents. They thought it was hilarious.

42. I refuse to go on rides that constantly spin around (roller-coasters = fine - spinning t-cups = no)

43. I love Italian food

44. My toe nails are always painted (normally red!)

45. I'm not allergic to anything (that I know of)

46. I have a scar on my left leg from where I was stood on a dock in america and it collapsed into the lake! Safe to say it was a shock then, but quite funny looking back now. There's a picture somewhere on my Instagram of it happening... Thanks boys, for taking pictures in our time of distress!

47. I don't have a favourite colour

48. My lucky number is 8

49. I love cheesecake

50. I have the worst concentration span

Thanks for making it to the end and I hope you've learnt a little more about me. If you have done a post similar to this, please comment below and I shall check it out! I don't know that many bloggers to tag anyone here... so if you're reading this and haven't done a '50 Random Facts About Me' post, I tag you to make one! 


  1. Oh, you seem to be a very cool person :). Soon I will be doing this tag.