Saturday, 20 September 2014

Summer '14! | Returning To Camp

I'm finally back after what seems like forever! Hopefully I will get more posts up in the next few weeks and get back in to things again. Here's the first update of what I have been doing these past months...


I had such a good time at camp last year I thought i'd do it all again this year! I was lucky enough to receive an email from the camp I worked at asking me to return in the summer. The process of returning is much less hassle as the majority of work and forms were done when applying for your first year.

After accepting and receiving your returning contract from camp you need to re-register with your agency (in my case, Americamp).

The process was simple! I re-enrolled as a returnee on the Americamp website (the information you added in your previous application will still be on there), sent my contract with the camp to Americamp and paid my £199 fee (be aware of any hidden fees when paying). After your application has been processed you can start applying again for your CRB check, medical with your doctor and also your visa. In most cases if you have already been to the embassy in person the first time, you can apply for a postal application saving you the hassle of going to the embassy. Next you need to sort your flights, insurance, currency etc. and you're off!

I hate to say this, but my experience with Americamp this year hasn't been as enjoyable as last year. E-mails took far too long for a response and I had many e-mails ignored. Compared to last year my e-mails were answered straight away. I'm unsure if this is because they've seen a rise in the people joining their agency or it is something else... They're still a great company though, I just felt like I should mention it as I want to give an honest review of everything here on my blog! 

The camp I worked at was a sleep-away co-ed camp in the Catskill Mountains of New York. 

This year I was a counselor for the age group 'freshmen' (age around 8-10). I lived in a large cabin with the children and counselors which was divided into two sections (A and B). Each side of the bunk was split between around 2-3 counselors and 9 children on each side.

I was a pool lifeguard this year and also a swim instructor. Here in the picture you can see the pool I worked at! The swim instruction was mandatory for the lower camp and as well as this they also had time for free swim.

The camp session lasts for 7 full weeks with one parent visiting day. 

Camp isn't for everyone as it is hard-work and exhausting with the long days however it is a truly rewarding experience and you will gain great memories and experiences. I made so many new friends and it was great to meet like-minded people. If you have any questions or are interesting in doing this type of work feel free to drop me a message and hopefully my two years of experience doing this will help you out a little!

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