Monday, 6 October 2014

Selling At A Carboot | Hints & Tips

This Sunday I went to sell my unwanted items at a local indoor carboot. Since finishing University I have accumulated so much stuff I didn't know what to do with, so what else better than to do a carboot sale!
Here I have put some hints and tips together gathered from my experience both from last Sunday and previous carboots - hope this helps if you ever do one!

Hints & Tips:

- If you have enough room bring your own table and hanging rail, saves you paying out to loan one

- Bring sheets or covers to put on the floor or over your table. If you place items on the floor or under your table it saves them getting dirty

- Use a hanging rail if possible, it's more accessible if people want a quick look rather than in piles

- Make sure you go with someone (a family member or friend). Sitting there behind a stall can get pretty boring! Also someone is there to help you if you get more than one customer at a time or if you need to nip to the toilet!

- If your carboot is outside, prepare for the weather! Bring a pair of gloves, coat and sunglasses

- Bring a drink and snacks, saves you forking out a fortune at a food van onsite

- Clean your items, make them look appealing! No one wants to buy a dirty pair of shoes or a dusty vase

- Organize your table from the front so you know what the buyers see!

- Make your table look presentable and re-arrange things when people have messed it up a little looking for a bargain (after they have left though!)

- Make sure you have a 'float' full of change. People will hand you notes and if you don't have the correct change you could miss out on a sale

- Traders will most likely be your first customers. They will probably pick out your best items first

- Have a rough idea of prices but be realistic

- People WILL haggle so make sure if you don't want to sell something for a certain price or lower stick to your guns

- Bring plastic bags with you (more than a few) to put sold items in. People will appreciate it!

- If you really want to sell something, try have it at eye height and not hidden under the table

- Have a look around if you have time at other stalls and see what else other people are selling and for what price

- If you have jewelry double check things aren't valuable such as gold. You will probably get a better price cashing it in at a jewelers or pawn shop

- If someone has bought a big item offer to save it behind your table so they can pick it up when they're leaving, saves them walking around with it

- Make sure all your items work such as electrical items

- Make things look presentable, group items together if you have the time (ie. shoes, teddies, dvds, clothes, books) instead of having them everywhere

- Bring a variety of items so you appeal to more people

- Know your clothes sizes, people will usually ask

- Smile and be chatty! It makes all the difference

Have you ever sold at a carboot? What is your best find? Let me know in the comments below!

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